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We specialise in the design, implementation and provision of platforms for Electronic Payments, Collections, Bills Payment and Funds Disbursement.

A Payment
Gateway to

An organisation’s Website can be enabled with our payment gateway for the collection of payments from customers using cards (Visa, Verve and Mastercard), bank accounts and eWallets without having to redirect customers to another site for payment to be made.

  • Convenient means of making payments
  • Profile management
  • Supports payment option of card/bank
  • account numbers
  • User segmentation
  • Detailed transaction report
  • 3rd-party system integration
  • Transaction re-query

access to

The Xpress Payments Agency Banking Scheme (branded as Xpress Agents) is designed to provide access to financial services to everyone – account holders and non-account holders alike, through engaged agents under a valid agency agreement.

  • Account Opening
  • Airtime Top Up
  • Cash Out
  • BVN Registration
  • Cash In
  • Bills Payment
  • Funds Transfer
  • Exam Registration

Payments and
Collections all
in one place

PayXpress is a one-stop Value Added Services (VAS) platform designed to provide customers with easy access to purchase of airtime, Payment of Bills, transfer of funds, set up recurring payments, collections services for Government Parastatals and other Organizations.

  • Supports payment with: Bank accounts, Master Card, Visa Card, Verve Card etc.
  • Allows airtime purchase (single and bulk)
  • Supports payment option of card/bank
  • Allows repost of same transaction without having to create from the beginning.
  • Transaction report and monitoring

made easy
via our network

eCashier is an easy platform for payment collection from multiple accounts and multiple banks. Collect payment with ease from Customers, Donors, Subscribers and more through a network of over 8,000 bank branches and electronic channels.

  • Accepts payments with cash, cheque and transfer
  • Supports payment with multiple currencies
  • Supports online and offline payment modes
  • Available across bank branches nationwide

Make Bulk
and Single
with ease

With XpressPayout, you can make bulk or single payments on the go from multiple accounts and multiple banks. Transfer funds through the web securely & with ease to Vendors, Contractors, Staff etc.

  • Single debit and multiple credit to beneficiaries
  • Designed to be adaptable to customer’s internal approval flow process
  • Bank account and transaction compartmentalization based on transaction type
  • Seamless integration with merchants' 3rd party platforms e.g. payroll system, ERP etc.
  • Pre-beneficiary data validation to avoid wrong transaction posting

solution your
business can
count on

  • Accepts all cards
  • Supports local currency payments
  • Supports multiple merchants to one terminal
  • Provides VAS business - additional revenue
  • Supports electronic card register (ECR) integration
  • Remote monitoring or fault detection
  • Supports customization based on customer’s request
  • Provides access to XpressReport for transaction reports and reconciliation
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